A platform you can integrate in one sprint

Web-based management console

PicUP’s AI-powered web-based management console aligns with your existing campaigns, and increases your sales dramatically!
Your marketing and campaign teams can easily create and edit your campaigns, by uploading different images & texts and testing them in action.
Digital A/B testing, live reports, and our optimization AI engine, are there to make sure all your calling KPIs will consistently keep improving.

Easy to use contact center APIs

REST APIs and dedicated connectors to most CTI’s/CRM’s/Marketing automation tools, enable you to connect PicUP’s real-time optimization platform to the systems you already use, with just  a few hours of implementation.

Plug and play mobile SDKs 

PicUP’s lightweight, easy to use, and highly secured Android, iOS and HMS  SDKs
make it easy to integrate our technology into your existing apps.
Integration takes 8-16hrs, and our tech team is available 24/7 for any technical question.

Campaign management console

PicUP’s AI-powered web-based personalization, optimization and management console, that aligns with your existing campaigns will increase your sales dramatically!

Marketing teams can easily upload different images, text and use advanced configuration to create and see how the new call experience will look like.
You will be able to see reports, run A/B testing and activate our AI Engine to keep improve your KPIs!

Contact the team for more information and to see a demo of you can start tomorrow to optimize your new digital sales channel!

Contact center APIs

REST APIs and dedicated connectors for the most popular contact center systems. Seamlessly connect PicUP’s real-time optimization platform to the systems you already use! An easy to implement, and take only a few hours, secured interface. You can use an API or a ready Plugin to your system (CTI/CRM/Marketing automation tool)
Seamlessly connect PicUP’s Revenue Intelligence platform to the systems you already use.

Plug and play SDKs for iOS,
Android and HMS

PicUP’s Android SDK, iOS SDK and HMS make it easy to create a dedicated app or integrate it into your existing app. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and highly secured.

In just a few hours you can integrate our APIs work and integrate our products quickly using SDKs for common languages and platforms. You can configure it to your own needs and be sure it’s in the highest standard of security, privacy and data protection.

Tech Talk

Some useful facts our engineers thought you should know

Cocoapod integration | Xcode 10+ |
MiniOSVersion 9 | TargetiOSVersion 13 |
Swift / Objective-C

Android SDK
Java 8+ | minSDKVersion 16 |
targetSDKVersion 30 | Android X support |
Gradle version 3.5.3

Battery consumption
Max 0.07% avg. daily consumption.
Regression prevention

Data & storage
~1.5MB SDKs 50-250kb jpeg/Gif
RT push support (FCM/ANPS based)

APIs & Connectors
REST APIs / CTI Connectors, JWT based
authentication & authorization, optional
on-premises VMs

Network requirements
Network latency resiliency over WCDMA /
3G and above, or any wifi connection

Data protection & compliance
ISO 27001 certification and full compliance with GDPR requirements

System security

We take our system security very seriously, here are some of the measures we use:

  • Advanced access management
  • 2-factor authentication
  • WAF
  • End-2-end encryption
  • AAA
  • Code review and secure coding
  • TSL 1.2 cryptography
  • Fall back and disaster recovery
  • Periodic penetration testing
  • Ip login restrictions
  • On-premises connectors
  • Secured data centers

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