PicUP’s technology creates a new digital experience for our customers,
and helps us improve customer (and agent) satisfaction, and most importantly,
working with PicUP helps us significantly increase our outbound sales.”

Ana Margarida Martins, Telemarketing manager Vodafone Portugal

Up sales

Call your existing customers with an up-sale or cross-sale offer they’d love, You’ll increase your ARPU, while improving your agents’ efficiency, and customers’ satisfaction.


Reach your customers at the right time, to help them renew and get the best plans. PicUP renewals campaigns generate consistent 40%-80% uplift in sales for every telco product.

Deal approvals

Avoid losing your customers just before closing the deal. Get them to approve while on the call with your agent, without asking them to search and click any link.

Customer surveys

Get immediate customer feedback with a fully responsive dedicated post call screen

Empower your business clients

As an operator, you can leverage our technology to offer your business clients the next generation of phone call communications.

It’s a win-win-win model:

  • Better sales and service for your business clients.
  • Free verified, transparent and secure calls for your end customers.
  • A new revenue channel for you.

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