The phone channel is one of the most important channels of customer service and sales for most organizations, but the phone call experience is still ‘broken’, analog and intrusive.

PicUP’s unique patented ‘Digital calls’ technology adds personalized, interactive digital layers to outbound calls, before, during and after the call with the agent, and enables contact centers to increase sales, efficiency and trust, while dramatically improving overall CX.

By empowering human callers with digital abilities, PicUP helps businesses to transform phone calls experience and make them awesome again.

We welcome everyone who shares our vision to join us in creating the new standard of digital phone call, combining the best of the voice and the digital worlds.

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Meet Our Leadership

Lior Shacham


Lior Shacham

Lior is a second-time entrepreneur, who Co-founded PicUP after founding and leading a company that leveraged technology to change the way we learn. Lior has rich experience in management, along with an extensive background in technology and psychology. He is enthusiastic about innovation, communication and the connection between them.

Ofir Oron

Chief product

Ofir Oron - Chief product

Ofir is a leading expert in professional UX design, and product optimization. Ofir brings more than 15 years of building web and mobile products, working on top Israeli projects and consulting to dozens of companies, from napkin stage startups to top-tier international corporations.

Gil Tapiero


Gil Tapiero - CTO

Gil is a tech master with vast experience in multiple technology domains. He enjoys solving complicated technological problems, ranging from algorithm optimization and real-time communications to mobile development and moving UI parts. Before joining PicUP, Gil developed super-advanced real-time products in leading high-tech companies.

Shimon Sharbaf


Shimon Sharbaf - CBO

Shimon is a business executive and entrepreneur with more than two decades of professional experience, defining commercial and product strategies. He is known for his unique ability to form long-term, win-win partnerships, between enterprises, service providers and start-up companies.

Shira Shibolet


Shira Shibolet - COO

As a true all-around MVP, Shira manages a huge variety of aspects at PicUP.
Shira has extensive experience in leadership positions, managing operations, agreements, investor relations, financials, and administrations. Shira is a people person who brings her sensitivity and emotional intelligence to every interaction.

Liad Iluz

VP sales

Liad Iluz - VP sales

Liad is a talented customer solution champion who excels in understanding the customers' needs and finding the best solutions. Bringing his experience both as a software developer and product manager, Liad demonstrates an outstanding ability to create connections between people across different domains and levels in the organization.

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